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Breeder Referral Service

ARF tries to assist those who are interested in adding a Rottweiler to their home by providing a Breeder Referral Service. If you are interested in acquiring a Rottweiler puppy please contact Bill Ward, our Breeder Referral Coordinator (BRC). Our BRC maintains a list of breeders who may from time-to-time have puppies available. If you are new to the Rottweiler breed, the BRC can also provide you with information about the breed and what is involved in successfully raising a Rottweiler as part of your family. If you are interested, please contact our Breeder Referral Coordinator: Email

Rottweiler Rescue

We encourage you to consider getting a rescue Rottweiler when you are looking for a dog. Often, rescue dogs are already trained, have their health clearances and are ready to join a good family. There are many purebred dogs who are "rescued" due to unforeseen circumstances such as the illness or death of their owner, catastrophic events like Hurricane Katrina or other situations that require them to find a new home. Rottweiler Rescue experts, who are often breeders themselves, sometimes take abandoned Rottweilers from shelters and arrange for their placement in quality homes. Our Breeder Referral Coordinator may know of excellent Rottweilers, of all ages, who need a good home. There are also several rescue organizations that you can contact directly:

ARF Member - Breeders

Members of ARF, who are also breeders, normally have their names and kennel information posted on this web site. However, due to recent unpleasant events caused by Animal Rights fanatics, we have temporarily removed these listings. Please contact our Breeder Referral coordinator (see above) if you are interested in contacting any ARF members who may have puppies.

Code of Ethics

The ARF Code of Ethics is set forth to protect and advance the interests of Rottweilers and to encourage all members to strive to develop and maintain a standard of excellence in the ownership, breeding and sale of the Rottweiler. Members of the Associated Rottweiler Fanciers of Northern California commit to conduct themselves in such a manner as to reflect credit on our breed, and shall do everything to protect and advance the interest of the breed.