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Nice Lads

You will find ARF members at most dog shows in Northern California hanging out around the Rottweiler ring. Please introduce yourself if you get to any shows or if you attend any ARF events such as our Dixon Super Weekend or our Specialty in Pleasanton. If you need to contact us sent an email to any Officer or Director or the club's general mailbox: Email

Officers & Directors of ARF


Karen Page - Email

Vice President

Danielle Green - Email

Corresponding Secretary, AKC Liaison

Bill Ward - Email

Recording Secretary

Charlene Olin - Email


Patty Ward - Email


If you have questions or comments about our web site, please email - Webmaster

How To Become An ARF Member

Membership applications are available at club meetings, online at our web site or from the Membership Chair. New member applicants must be sponsored by two current ARF members. Annual dues are $30 for a Single Member or $35 for a Family Membership. A check must accompany a completed application. As soon as a completed application is received the entire membership is notified about the applicant. The application is then voted on at our next scheduled General Membership meeting. Click here to download a Membership Application. To contact the Membership Chair: Email

Members - Address & Email Changes

If your membership information changes (address, telephone, email, etc.) please contact the Membership Chair and provide any updates. To contact the Membership Chair: Email

Join ARF-Chat

Between meetings much communication among members happen at ARF_Chat our private email group. All active ARF members should belong to ARF_Chat so that you do not miss important announcements or other information. Membership in ARF_Chat is by invitation only so if you are an ARF member and not currently enrolled in ARF_Chat, please contact our Webmaster