ARFNews - The ARF Newsletter

ARFNews, our electronic newsletter, is published regularly during the year. It contains articles of interest to Rottweiler owners, news about club events, notices, pubication of club meeting minutes, results of shows and other items of interest to our members. Everyone is encouraged to submit articles or items of interest for publication in ARFNews. Please submit all articles, or queries about ARFNews, to the Newsletter Editor

ARFNews Archives

We plan to publish an archive of past issues of ARFNews on this web site. Please check back...

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Address Changes

If you are not receiving your ARFNews perhaps we don't have your latest email address. Please submit any address changes or updates to our Membership Chair and directly to the Newsletter Editor.

Not Getting ARFNews By Email?

If you are one of the few ARF members still receiving your newsletter in printed form, you are missing a lot. The electronic version of ARFNews has full color pictures, live links to interesting web sites and articles and direct email links to help you connect. If you'd like to start receiving the electronic ARFNews please email the Newsletter Editor.

Technical Stuff

ARFNews is published monthly from January through November, primarily for the members of the Associated Rottweiler Fanciers of Northern California.

Your comments and suggestions in the form of Letters to the Editor are encouraged. Letters which are deemed libelous, profane, or in poor taste will not be printed. If you submit materials subject to copyright, please obtain permission for ARFNews to reprint such items and submit that permission along with the material.

Materials for publication must be submitted electronically, preferably by email to the Newsletter Editor.